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   Been a long time aint it ....
 I left when my parents divorced a long time ago if you haven't noticed.. then my mom was brainwashed by this crazy bitch and my mom was admitted to the hospital in may . She had a bleed in the brain later they discovered another one and a tumour in the back verticals we are still waiting till they do the biopsy that will be taken place later this month that will be checking for cancer.Right now her short memory is fucked and she cant remember the past two years and if you tell her something she will forget in the next 5 minutes, I would tell you more but I don't feel I belong in this community no more. Im now a fresh man in high school starting in September and will be gone all summer so don't expect often updates... also I cry everytime I look at my art cause it reminds me how my family used to be and how it never will be again. Thats why I will never return to Da . I will be awarding all my Nordanners to the Nordanner group if they haven't already taken them.This will be my final farewell , I will be on for the next week  if anyone wants to note me for my personal skype. Peace

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KingdomHeartsOrgXII3 Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi there! :wave:

I'm just sending this message out to all people with spots to the Nordanner mare 2358 Black Mamba!
(old ref)     (new temporary ref)

I'm just sending you this reminder message that You had bought a spot from this mare when she was owned by =WeyHeyitsKay and I have bought the mare from her! :la:

Please let me know if you still would like the spot ^^ This message is a simple reminder in case you had forgotten at all, because I had noticed there was no foal or breeding picture from you ^^!

Please let me know if you still would like the spot, mostly so that I can update her spots and have updated information~!

Thank you for your rime! ^_^

I think this deviant is gone. I was just looking here to find out about slot's she'd reserved on my horses.
KingdomHeartsOrgXII3 Sep 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Yah I saw her journal but was advised by the group to still send her a message.

Thanks though.
I just made a journal looking for her, maybe some info will come up. BTW, congrats on Black Mamba. :)
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Thanks for the fav! :rose:
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